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Choosing a plan that works best for you

With the launch of my health coaching practice, I will offer these sessions and packages at limited time only prices. These prices will be good through March 2020, at which point they will increase to their standard pricing. You get the value and benefit of my coaching services while providing me feedback so I can tailor my offerings to provide the most value to my clients going forward. It's a win win for both of us! To book, please click "Book Online" underneath the "Work With Me" tab at the top of the page. 

Single Session - Intro Price $125

This is my most basic offering. This is a one hour virtual coaching session to get you started on a healing plan or further your healing progress. Using Medical Medium information, my knowledge of plant based nutrition, and my extensive experience with holistic healing, we will discuss dietary protocol, supplements, and pinpoint where else in your life you may be out of alignment that is holding back your healing. 

3 Month Package - Intro Price $400


This one gets you 3 - 1 hour virtual sessions. We will meet once a month with a once weekly check-in and questions answered. You get the same content of the single session plus ongoing support, which equals a minimum of three hours of additional value. 

Lifestyle Overhaul Package - Intro Price $600

This is for those who are ready to commit to a living a clean, and most importantly sustainable over the long term, plant based lifestyle but have no idea where to start. The following is included:

  • A one hour health coaching session to assess your health needs and get you on a healing protocol 

  • A one hour kitchen detox where we will chat virtually as we go through your kitchen and eliminate the products that are not conducive to a healing lifestyle. This will encompass food, kitchen utensils, and cleaning products.

  • Based on the information gathered in the two items above, I will create a tailored meal plan and grocery list for your needs. 

  • Then we will do a one hour video call session from the grocery store, via FaceTime or WhatsApp. I will help you replace items we eliminated during the kitchen detox, get to know your store so you can make educated choices on your own, and fill up your cart with healing and yummy foods provided to you on the meal plan and grocery list.

  • Lastly, I will give you a detailed and personalized e-book that will show you how to batch cook and prep for the busy week ahead. We will break it down into one or two prep sessions based on your preference and needs.  

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