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Switching protocols!

OMG I can't even believe I just wrote that title. I have faithfully followed a Medical Medium protocol for nearly 4 years (in May). I have experienced so much healing following the information laid out in the Medical Medium book series. I have reversed tons of symptoms and I will forever be grateful because of that. But alas, I am done with Medical Medium. Kind of.

Can you believe it?! I can't. If someone had ever predicted I would hop off the Medical Medium bandwagon, I would have legitimately laughed in their face. I truly thought I had ALL the answers when it came to health, and specifically autoimmune diseases, and would never have to do any research again. But alas, that is exactly what is happening. I am OFF the bandwagon, folks.

When I discovered the first Medical Medium book, it was like coming home to the truth. Having exhausted the options that Western Medicine was offering and struggling with my health more than ever, reading this book was like major LIGHTBULBS going off. My intuition lit up. I had a deep inner knowing that this was the path I was meant to take to heal my body. And heal, I have. But not completely. I have reversed something like 20 symptoms using this information, so please do not think I am abandoning ship because it doesn't work. There is so much truth in this information. The problem is, I no longer connect to the source of information.

And what is the source, exactly? Well, Anthony claims to speak to Spirit (of the Most High, who is basically compassion embodied in angelic form). Most people would hear that and think "crazyyy" but that never bothered me. I'm deeply spiritual and open to all different beliefs. I believe that most religions are based around the same concept and that message is always about love. Angels, spirit guides, God, I believe in all of it. So when I read Anthony's claim to how he brought this information to light, I was like Cool! No problem at all for me. I know a lot of people struggle with that bit but the point is I didn't.

Recently, some information has come to light that made me shift my perspective. I'm not here to bash Anthony. If anything, I will be eternally grateful to this man for leading me back to a natural human diet of whole plant foods. Nonetheless, when I came across this information (which I will not share here because it's not my story to tell) I immediately felt that shift in perspective. Like "Oh wait, this source is not infallible now, is it?" It was really hard to process, honestly. I had to really sit with it and unpack how I felt. After a few weeks, I realized I was no longer called to follow this information. During that time, I realized how many food fears I had developed following this information. It's one thing to be cognizant of how food reacts in your body, but another thing entirely to be disempowered and put in a state of constant fear of losing your health if you don't follow certain information to a tee. It's going to be impossible to heal in this kind of state.

Let me disclaim that I had been having a few issues leading up to this moment that assisted in the shift in perspective. For one, I had recently gotten bloodwork done for the first time in a few years. That bloodwork showed pretty high levels of potassium, calcium, and sodium (all electrolytes) indicating an imbalance in my system. Anthony says not to put too much weight on bloodwork as it is often inaccurate. Regardless, I was worried because I've been having heart palpitations again and high potassium is a risk factor for heart attacks. I might be crunchy and woo woo and all but I'm not trying to have a heart attack, nah mean? Secondly, after nearly 4 years of following the Medical Medium information, I am still dealing with insomnia to the point where I cannot function in the mornings. I still need my mom to come and take my son to school in the mornings because I would have a serious mental breakdown if I had to wake up at 6:30 every morning. If I was to ask the Medical Medium community, they would say to just keep going, eventually it will heal. And I bought into that for a long time. But intuitively, I've always felt like something was missing in the puzzle that is my sleep situation. Lastly, as I've worked on launching my business, I kept feeling something holding me back in regards to marketing myself. I just didn't feel comfortable basing my entire business around someone who was essentially my guru. It was literally the day I was about to launch a marketing campaign that I came across this information that changed my perspective. Coincidence?

I actually don't believe in coincidences. I believe in divine guidance and being in flow with the universe. So I believe that this happened at exactly the time that it was supposed to. I won't go into how it was Mercury Retrograde and what that means spiritually and astrologically. Basically, I took it as a sign. It was time for me to step back and reevaluate my entire business plan as well as how I wanted to show up as a health coach. Throughout my entire illness, I clawed through it knowing I would inspire others to do the same. That if I can pull myself out of the depths of hell that I was living in, that someone else could too. It was this purpose that kept me motivated. And I thought I had THE answers on how to heal. And I still do for the most part, it has just changed a bit. It cannot necessarily be found neatly wrapped up in a book series written by a man who claims to hear God's sidekick. Again, I'm not trying to belittle or dissuade anyone from using this information. It really works for most people. Emphasis on most. The problem I personally had was that I put this man on a pedestal. I did exactly what I said I would never do again. I gave away my power to him by implicitly trusting him over my own inner guidance. I would have continued following his information for God knows how long. Would I ever have fully healed? Was it even the celery juice and heavy metal detox smoothie that helped heal me? Or was it the abundance of fruits, herbs, and plants that healed me? Which, in hindsight, would make total sense. When I look at all the people who have healed before me, using Medical Medium, or Dr. Morse, or Arnold Ehret, or Gerson Therapy, or Wahls Protocol, (the list could go on and on) what is the common denominator? PLANTS. People heal using plants. People heal using what God has provided to us and guess what? God has also provided us with intuition to guide us to what will work for our bodies.

So what am I doing now? Coincidentally (remember I don't believe in coincidences), I had enrolled in Dr. Morse's level one live intensive training program to become a certified detox specialist about a month or so before all this happened. I had felt called to deepen my knowledge on regenerative detoxification and started reading more information from Dr. Morse. I always felt that information was lacking from Medical Medium. And I had actually discovered Dr. Morse around the same time as Medical Medium, but admittedly thought a Medical Medium protocol seemed easier. Coming from a high protein, high fat, paleo diet, the idea of jumping into a raw vegan diet was daunting. That's not to say you HAVE to be raw vegan to heal. I have healed so much without ever going raw, or juice cleansing, or doing any kind of fast. But I do feel Ive plateaued. Just a few weeks following this new protocol and ya girl is detoxing again! Detoxing for me usually means my skin is breaking out a bit, I'm feeling more lethargic, sleep might decrease, etc. Basically any symptom I still deal with will reappear as it's making it's way out of my system for good. Eventually, the symptoms won't come back once I clear out my lymph and get these adrenals healthy again.

To sum it up, there are multiple paths to healing. I don't claim to know what can or will heal everybody and everything. What I do know is MY body. I know what works for me. And I know as a species, we are not all that different. So in general, plants should work for everyone. Maybe different variations in different amounts will call to us individually. But we all have a healer within us. We just have to tune in. Follow that inner guidance because that is what will ultimately lead us to true healing. And never stop seeking and being open to the truth.

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